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Itchy jellyfish, appendicularians with luxury chalets, filtering barrels, and other extraordinary creatures Jellyfish is perhaps the most popular plankton group, although I am not sure everybody would classify it as plankton. Jellyfish clusters together with other organisms to form what we call gelatinous plankton. In this hodgepodge, we can find chordates, such as appendicularians orContinue reading GELATINOUS PLANKTON

Phronima: a plankton organism that came to Hollywood

Today, I want to introduce you to some small crustaceans, the¬†Phronima. They belong to the order Amphipods and have a rather curious life; in addition, they are very famous, but we should not advance events. The Phronima do not exceed four or five centimeters (a couple of inches), have long legs, very thick compound eyes,Continue reading “Phronima: a plankton organism that came to Hollywood”

When the eyes do not stay in place: the peculiar case of sole larvae

I bet you know most fishes have larval stages belonging to the plankton (actually, to the ichthyoplankton). This is not surprising, considering many marine organisms pass part of their live in the plankton (we call this group meroplankton). What is indeed surprising is the peculiar behavior of some fish larvae. An extreme and very characteristicContinue reading “When the eyes do not stay in place: the peculiar case of sole larvae”

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