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The sexual life of copepods

For those of you who haven’t read my post “Copepods: Good things come in small packages”, I recommend you do so before you delve into the exciting reading of this new one. In any case, for the laziest, copepods are small crustaceans of vital importance in marine food webs, as they are the food of manyContinue reading “The sexual life of copepods”

Plankton, mussels with french fries, and diarrhea

The Belgians have the culinary tradition of eating mussels with French fries; it is all a matter of taste. In Catalonia, on the other hand, we serve them alone, in sauce, or in paellas or other equally delicious dishes. Mussels, apart from being a gastronomic delight, available to everyone, are incredibly efficient filtering machines. InContinue reading “Plankton, mussels with french fries, and diarrhea”

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